Keeping Records and Analyzing Bets

Are you serious about the game as a bettor? Do you track the earning you make from sports betting?

Making an analysis of your gains and keeping records of your earnings is the most important aspect of sports betting. You may be the best player in the game, but you are unable to track how you how much you earn. You could be spending more money than you think. So, when you keep a track of all the transactions, it can help you know how much money you are making.

Why should I keep records?

There are many people who fail to keep records pertaining to how much they make money or how much they lose. They don’t have any idea on how much they spend each week or month but they cannot say with an exact figure in this regard.

It is important to create accurate records for recreational sports like betting. If you don't keep the records or track the transactions, it may happen that you spend a lot more than you had planned. And, at times things may go out of your hand, which could lead to heavy losses. It is, therefore, important to record your earnings and make an analysis of your performance.

Here are a few tips to keep track of your sports batting performance

If you are a serious player and you can afford losses, it is important to record the outcome whether you win or lose. You should keep tracking them. This will help you plan accordingly.

You may decide to reduce the number of stakes or reduce the amount you spend on betting.

If you keep on winning consistently, you may understand it is a good sign to track seriously.

There’s chance that you want the money then you expected. Ultimately, it leads to 3=4 way to amassing a great income.

You should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

First, know your core skill and understand what you need to improve. This, you can know by keeping records of all the happenings. For instance, an analysis of which various sports and events you take interest more may help guide to place your wagers of various types.

Keeping a record of betting habits will help you which sports you are well in.

It can show you success when keeping points spread bets and the tendency of losing in the accumulator. Knowing where you are good and where you must make it better can help you make the outcome of gaming better.

Conventional wisdom says that focusing on strong points can improve your performance level to the next level.

It’ll let you know which sports bring you more success in betting and how much effort you need to make for them. This can help you increase your volume of profits.

Record your profits and losses

Tracking the net outcome of your sports betting is a good way of judging your sport. Even if you are betting for fun and it is good to know how much Your winning or losing. The actual loss or profit may be more or less than you think.

If you participate in online sports betting, you can easily track your overall outcome of profit or loss by recording all the deposits and withdrawals you make it betting sites.

You can manually do it using a notebook and a pen. You can also do it in a spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel.

It is important to note that when you make the spreadsheet, keep on updating it regularly. When you make a profit or a loss record it.

=While it is important recording your profits/losses from your sports betting, it is equally important to record them accurately.

Use Microsoft Excel to keep the records to maintain the accuracy of records.

To present clearly performance you can include these items in the spreadsheet:


Type of bet

Event, League, Competition

Betting reasons

Record your wagers

Giving the records your sports bats can help you understand how to improve the analysis of data. This is important if you are serious in betting because it takes a lot of time. Making this kind of analysis will help you understand which areas are to be focused and which ones demand consistency.

Recording individual wagers

Recording other wages will give you more accurate picture of your sports betting activity.

If you wish to make the data meaningful, it is important to record performance with respect each wager you place. Of course, this takes little time but it will bring you an accurate picture of your betting activities.


Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert sports bettor, it is important to track your activities. Making it recorded will help you bring a clearer picture. And, quite apart from this, it will develop a sound habit of keeping thins clear and help frame an analytical account of your performance.

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